Configuration EA

  • Parameter Configuring the Cryptotraderadvisor.

    • License: You have to write to the support with your account number to receive your license.
    • Use ADX: True
    • ADX: 0
    • ADXMA : 14
    • ADXMA_type: Linear
    • AutoGMT: True
    • UseFFcal: False
    • AutomaticSymbolsRename: True
    • SymbolsPrefix:
    • SymbolsSuffix:
    • Lot_Mult: 1
    • Pairs:
    • Comment:

    Note: when checking the EA in the Strategy Tester, AutoGmtOffset must be disabled and set manually.
    Here is an instruction how to determine the value: How to set the correct GMT offset

    • MaxSpread is the maximum level of the spread (in points) for trading. If the spread exceeds the value, the adviser does not open the warrant
    • Reference to magic number: the code by which the EA determines its positions can be any. However, it is not possible for two advisors to have the same magic number on the same account. Otherwise, there may be confusion with the orders
    • TopPadding / LeftPadding / TextColor1 / TextColor2 – these settings are responsible for the appearance and location of information from the EA on the graph

    Cryptotraderadvisor Observations

Some ideas to improve the results of the Cryptotraderadvisor

  1. Trading Mondays:
    First, for some reason, the developers did not install a trade ban on the adviser on the night of Sunday – Monday. This contradicts the rules for working with night scalpers. Even more, I have never seen a scalper trade from Sunday to Monday, because there is a risk that the ST expert will be knocked out by a sharp movement at the opening market.
    What to do? Just turn off the advisor at night from Sunday to Monday.
    Is it possible to do this through the settings without deleting the expert from the schedule?
    YES, click on the graph with the mouse attached to the mouse and press F7 on the keyboard.
    En la pestaña General, quite las marcas de verificación de las “Permitir señales” y “Permitir que el Asesor Experto intercambie” elementos y haga clic en Aceptar. En la noche del lunes, para que el EA vuelva a negociarse, devolvemos los tics al lugar.
  2. GMToffset:
    The results will change when correcting the deviation from the GMT time.
    The idea is to disable the AutoGMtoffset function and manually set the GMT deviation, but 1 less than it should be in accordance with the terminal time (see How to set the correct GMT offset)
    How to do it in the settings: see the description of the settings of the CryptotraderadvisorThe question is, how will the results change?